If you are thinking of re-designing your bathroom, you will be happy to hear that a bathroom make-over just needs one or two great design details. One such detail is bathroom mixers. Black mixers are striking, stylish, modern and right on trend. Chrome mixers have been the standard for years, but black has become so popular that you can now buy matching hardware and accessories. Bagno Design has a new M-Line range of mixers that features multiple new finishes. The M-line range can now be specified in your choice of chrome, brushed nickel, matt black, matt white and brushed copper.

Your choice of mixers will set the tone for bathroom décor. Spend time on considering the colour, style and finishing of your taps, as they will become the standout feature in your bathroom. Once you have decided on a design, the key is to keep everything else simple.

The fresh and simple look of black taps can be complimented with other dark details, contrasting finishes and neutral floors for a monochrome look. I have accessorized my own bathroom with a black towel rail, mini black vase and black framed mirrors. To keep in line with a minimalistic design I have tiled the floors in a grey granite finish from Casamia. Casamia is a UAE based multi-disciplinary design office creating refined interior furnishing architecture and crafted furniture design projects.

It’s a good idea to add a few dark details to a white bathroom and keep other details neutral. Marble, wood and granite are great finishes that pair well with black. Black is a neutral colour, which means it works with most colour schemes. If, however, you are creating a minimalistic design, you want to keep your colour palette neutral. Grey tones are a great way to achieve this. You can introduce grey by using a granite finish on your floors, or paint cabinets in grey.

Below are a few key items to give you a head start if you want to simplify the look and feel of your own bathroom.

Bathroom Essentials

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