It’s winter in Dubai and time to style your outdoor area to take full advantage of the weather. Whether your outdoor area consists of a backyard, courtyard or balcony you can style it effortlessly with a few basic steps. If you don’t know where to start, consider the architectural style of your house or apartment, along with the exterior materials that are used. Also consider your interior approach and replicate the same style to your outdoor area. A minimalistic approach would be to select furniture and décor in natural tones such as white, grey and black.


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Choosing your outdoor furniture or re-arranging existing furniture would be your first step when styling your outdoor area. Decorating a small balcony area or a large outdoor area will be approached differently.  A large outdoor area can be a multipurpose space, but for a small balcony, it is important to focus on what is important. Decide if you want to create an entertainment area, reading corner or just a quiet place to enjoy some greenery. Once you have decided on the purpose of your outdoor area, you can arrange your furniture accordingly. The Havsten 3-seater sofa is a key furniture piece. You can create an armchair, 2-seat sofa or a sofa just as long as you like. The cushion covers are dope dyed which improves the colour fastness compared to traditional dyeing techniques. Think about seating arrangement and creating conversation areas when you design your layout. Chairs should be close enough to carry on a conversation without shouting but should leave enough space for you to move in and outdoors when replenishing refreshments.

If you are creating an entertainment area you will need a dining table and/or coffee table depending on how much available space you have. The Portside Expandable Dining Set is an expandable dining table that can comfortable seat up to 10 guests. The table is made from solid wood with a wire-brushed surface in Weathered Grey. Another great addition that serves as a resting spot for drinks, trays and books is the Pebble Coffee Table – the design is inspired by the shape and texture of smooth river rocks and made from cement concrete. It is important to buy furniture that can withstand the Dubai summers and dust. Add colourful accents with items that can be stored indoors, like cushions, blankets or table cloths.

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Furniture pieces don’t have Testosterone Enanthate online to match, but something should tie them together – natural materials and minimalistic tones such as white, tan, grey or black work well together. The simplicity of minimalism is a great approach to outdoor styling. You can add a hint of personality with your choice in pottery and pillows.  Adding cushy chair pillow can help outdoor furniture feel more inviting. I have used Gullingen cushion covers that are made from recycled PET bottles. The colour stays fresh for longer as the fabric is fade resistant.  Covering the floor of a balcony or deck can be done with an outdoor rug or using natural materials to create texture. Decking is an easy way to refresh your outdoor area. Runnen Floor Decking is weather-resistant and suitable for hard, even surface like concrete, stone and wood. You can easily take the floor decking apart and put it together again if you do want to clean the surface underneath.

Select your greenery to add colour, texture and height to your outdoor area. If you are limited to a balcony, consider hanging plants or having one lush plant to bring nature closer to home.  Large decorative pots are ideal for creating a lush garden feeling if you have a big outdoors area. With smaller balconies, rather consider an interesting plant holder than having a big decorative pot that will take up all of your valuable space.  Once you have all your furniture and greens  in place, consider your lighting. When it gets dark you want to create an atmospheric outdoor setting so consider lanterns, fairy lights or decorative lights.  Diffused, natural light and light colours tend to open up a space and make a small space feel larger. The Svartra Lighting Chain is the ideal lighting solution. It is ideal for outdoor use and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.




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