By the end of summer 2015, I was looking at our apartment’s outdoor patio, it  just looked so bare and empty with the typical outdoor floor tiles. Even by adding furniture it still just didn’t do it for me. We needed to brighten it up injectable oxymetholone and have MORE GREEN around us,

and adding natural grass and plants outside was just not an option. As many of us resides in apartments in Dubai, we have to make do with what we have!! And I really missed a garden (definitely coming from South Africa having wide open spaces:).

The great plan ! (must be honest it was my husband’s idea ), and at first I was not very keen, as I dislike  anything artificial.. But…I thought it couldn’t be so bad. Thus I went for the idea and to my surprise I was really happy with the outcome. !

We added some artificial grass on the outdoor patio.  It is a really cheap and practical way of adding some green outdoors for an apartment. No water needed, and cleaning minimum and it looks like real grass.  The company Easigrass which installed it is very efficient and I am still very happy with the results.

Thus the following look was achieved by adding some IKEA chairs and cushions as well as a planter and artificial plant from Dubai Garden Centre. It is just so lovely looking from the inside out and seeing some green!!


We still have great weather in the UAE, and this can be done over one weekend quickly!!

Some more tips, ideas and best buys for outdoor items to follow in the next blog.