Styling your home office shouldn’t keep you out of work!  If you want to create a peaceful workspace, here are some tips and tricks. Your work space is an area in the house where you should be able to get your work done. Whether your job requires to focus, read, write or draw, it is important to not get distracted by elements within the room. There are easy ways to optimise this space so that you don’t get easily distracted.

Your home office might be part of an existing room, or a separate room on its own – this will determine the colour on the walls. You can continue with your existing colour palette of freshen up the look with soft and bright hues. You want to create a sense of calm in this room so keep the colour neutral. You can accessorise with pops of colour. To keep this space minimalistic, accessorise with useful objects like storage space or organisational pieces. You can keep your desk clutter free by keeping stationery in separate containers. Keeping papers in order can be a challenge, but with a timeless letter tray you can gather all papers in one place. The Ypperlig Stationery Set is a set that can be stacked and combined as you like – an easy way to store small objects like paperclips. If you want to store pens, you simply take one piece away and re-stack your storage! Cables and wires are not visually appealing so try to keep cables neat and hidden away if possible. Labelling your filing and storage boxes will help you to keep organised and find things more easily.

Below are a few key pieces that will help you to not only accessorise your office beautifully, but also to store and organize your objects in your work space.

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If you are working in a room with lots of natural light, you might not need a desk lamp. Plenty of natural light creates a calming mood so try to position your work desk near a window. If, however, you are writing / reading / drawing you might want to consider an additional focused light. A lamp with an adjustable head will be an ideal accessory. Alternatively, you can get a floor lamp but this will fill up additional space. A small desk lamp will not only lighten up your work area, but can also be styled as a modern accessory

An easy way to introduce a bit of green in your office space is to have plants in your office. Plants can be placed on your desk, the floor, near the window or hanging from the ceiling or wall. It is true that plants can bring a sense of tranquillity, so don’t be afraid to add some greens to your office. How you accessorise your work office is up to you, but do not over-accessorise if you want to keep the space calm and tranquil. Too much accessories will distract you from work! Below are a few key pieces that will help to lighten and brighten your work space.

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I have finalised my work office recently and find myself moving desk accessories around daily! Fresh greenery is a must, so I alternate between vases depending on my mood. The colour palette for this office space is monochromatic so anything in white, grey or black is a perfect match. I absolutely love the Ypperlig Table Lamp as you can easily control the lamp for a bright or dim light by using the button under the lamp head, or turn the flexible arm. Have a look!

Last but not least, consider how you decorate your walls in your work space. You can have artworks that complement the colour palette or have an artwork with a pop of colour. Digital prints, photographs or clocks are all great wall décor elements. Be sure to check out DRAWDECK if you are looking for affordable art. Drawdeck features curated artists that offer the best in quality and variety.


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